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Leisure Society Glasses

Leisure Society eyeglasses

Leisure Society optical and sunwear is designed to embody designer Shane Baum’s perspective on the ultimate lifetime spent full of friends and family and absolute leisure. Created with passion for luxury, the highest in quality and value, and of course classically inspired style, Leisure Society eyewear is a fashion piece of the ultimate quality and design.

Handcrafted with only the most luxurious materials such as titanium, gold plating, diamonds, and buffalo horn, the collection is refined, yet striking in its beauty and innovative design. Leisure Society is dedicated to the concept of heirloom design in which each pair of glasses is crafted with the intention of it lasting a lifetime.

Using a combination of cutting edge technology along with handmade crafting and design techniques, the Leisure Society collection is authentically modern, yet inspired by the classical style.

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