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At The Eye Studio, the health and safety of our patients and employees is our top concern. An appointment is required for any visit. Masks are not required, but we encourage everyone to wear them.

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New Patient Checklist

To help you plan your schedule, please be aware that an initial complete eye examination takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. Both eyes will be dilated for patients who haven’t had their eyes dilated within the past two years. Dilation causes sensitivity to light and an inability to see things clearly at close range. For these reasons, some patients prefer to have someone drive them home. Your eyes will remain dilated for about 4 to 6 hours. At our Portland eye care center we also offer Optos retinal imaging (for a $35 fee) that typically eliminates the need for dilation. Our technician will discuss your options during your appointment.

To decrease the length of appointment time, we recommend that you complete the new patient forms before your appointment. These will be e-mailed to you.

For Contact Lens Wearers:

If you currently wear contact lenses, it is important to wear the contacts to your appointment and to bring with you the boxes or foil packets in which your lenses were dispensed which indicate your lens parameters.

For Eyeglass Wearers:

Be sure to bring your most up-to-date eyeglasses with you for proper evaluation.

Patient Checklist

Please bring the following items with you to your appointment:

  • Completed new patient forms
  • All medical and vision insurance cards
  • Insurance co-pay
  • Contact Lenses (Please wear to appointment)
  • Contact Lens Parameters (Brand, power, base curve, and diameter). This information is located on the packages in which the lenses were dispensed.
  • Eyeglasses

Appointment Cancellation Policy:

In today’s hectic world unplanned issues come up for all of us. We recognize this fact, but we respectfully request that you cancel or reschedule your appointment by phone or e-mail a minimum of 24 hours in advance. That way the open slot can be filled with someone needing an appointment.

If you do not cancel by the deadline, you will be assessed a $30.00 missed appointment fee. Our aim here is to open otherwise unused appointments for our patients, not to collect missed appointment fees. Your cooperation and consideration are appreciated as we institute this new policy.

If you have any questions, please call us 503-219-0023.