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6 Strategies to Get Your Kids to Wear Their Glasses

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Are you struggling to get your kid to wear glasses?  Let us assure you that you are far from alone. We all know how important clear vision is to your children’s development and academic achievement, but your children may not see eye-to-eye with you on this.

For many kids, new experiences can be scary and something to be avoided at all costs.

Worry not — below we offer a few field-tested strategies which can serve to not only encourage but also excite children about wearing glasses.

1. Have THE conversation

Bring up the topic of wearing glasses and be ready to answer any questions or concerns they may have. It’s a good idea to read a few books on the topic together —they serve as excellent conversation starters and can make them more at ease with the idea of wearing glasses.

Many children see only the negative aspects of wearing glasses - so it’s important to highlight the benefits, such as clearer viewing when watching TV or films, more fun when reading stories and a lovely accessory which will no doubt look great on them.

2. Have your child choose the frames.

Fight the urge to choose the frames for your child and let them pick out their own, based on their preferred style and color. It’s important for the child to absolutely love the glasses they choose, as it will render them more inclined to actually wear them.

Come check out our comprehensive frame collection for children at The Eye Studio.

3. Slowly accustom them to wearing glasses

Your kids might not be inclined to wear glasses from the get-go —it may be uncomfortable and feel very strange in the first few weeks. So it’s important to slowly habituate them to wearing them.  Have your kids wear their glasses for 15 minutes a day, and slowly increase their eyewear time with every day that passes until wearing eyewear becomes second nature.

Try to be patient. When you find glasses anywhere but on your child’s face, just pick them up and place them on their nose — and remind them that glasses only work when worn.

4. Point out other “cool” people who wear glasses.

Show your kids pictures of others who also wear glasses —and make sure to select those your kids typically look up to: actors or actresses, sports players, musicians, popular classmates, etc.

This will only encourage your children to get comfortable with wearing them themselves.

5. The eye doctor is your ally

Your eye doctor has experience and strategies in dealing with children who exhibit resistance to wearing glasses.  Ask Dr. Tina Tsai for advice on how to get your kids comfortable with frame fittings and wearing glasses.

6. Be in close contact with teachers

Regularly check in with your children’s teachers to ensure that your kid is wearing glasses as needed. Here’s a tip: purchase two pairs of glasses — one for school and another for the home. This will avoid the “I forgot my glasses at home/school” excuse.

Make wearing glasses fun for your kids by calling or visiting The Eye Studio — we will be happy to offer more helpful tips! The Eye Studio serves patients from Portland and offers a vast array of sturdy frames to suit your child’s every taste.

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