The doctors at The Eye Studio work closely with experienced surgeons in the area, providing pre-operative consultation and post-operative care. During your consultation visit, one of our doctors will take a thorough medical history, assess the stability of your prescription, and evaluate your eyes for any eye diseases or health problems that could potentially impact the outcome of your surgery. They will also discuss your expectations for LASIK and whether it’s possible to meet them.

If you decide that LASIK is right for you, we will refer you to an experienced surgeon for the procedure. Since the outcome of your laser surgery depends as much on the right care afterward as the procedure itself, our doctor will provide all of your post-operative care, including frequent examinations of your eyes to ensure proper healing and answering any questions you may have during the healing process.

While LASIK is an exciting option for vision correction, it is not a choice that you should make based on advertising or price alone. It’s a complex procedure that requires several clinical visits, in-depth discussions, and careful guidance in selecting the best surgeon and the best laser system for your eyes and your visual needs.

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