Introducing: Crizal Optifog!

Those of us who wear glasses, we’ve all had this experience. It’s cold outside. You’ve been walking down the street and you arrive at your destination. You walk in and suddenly everything in front of you is a blur. Your glasses have fogged up. You have to either wait it out or fumble for a cloth to wipe them off. You hope no one notices your embarrassment. It’s not always just about inconvenience, either. As anyone who wears glasses under a motorcycle helmet can tell you, fogging lenses can be dangerous. Imagine you’re on the freeway and suddenly your lenses have fogged to the point of obscuring your vision, in the middle of traffic! And those who wear sports glasses know too well that fogging often happens right when you need to see the ball. Whatever your experience, most of us just put up with it, because lenses just fog. It’s just a fact of life.

Or rather that used to be a fact of life. Because now there is a lens that breaks up fog before it has a chance to form. Crizal Optifog is a new coating from Essilor that prevents fogging. Apply an activator once a week and your lenses won’t condense with temperature change. Simple as that. Of course, we’ve all seen the cheesy infomercials about products to apply to your lenses to prevent fogging. The difference between those products and this coating is that the anti-fog properties are inherent to the actual coating of the lens, allowing far better durability and scratch resistance as well as Crizal’s famous anti-reflective properties. The activator merely works with the coating in the lens allowing it to accomidate to weather change without condensation. And it works.

Here at the Eye Studio we’re all super excited about this new lens coating technology, and we hope you will be too. Check out the manufacturer’s website for some funny videos and some actual science:

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